The sun brightly beamed down just like a regular Carolina day in July. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, my neighbor was leaving like she always did at this time, while I sat on the porch and waved to her.

“See you later, hope you have a good day” I said,

“I’ll be right back just picking up my grandson she anxiously replied.”

Grandson, I thought. Hmm I didn’t know she had two grandsons. The other one was one of my friends, he was cute but he was way younger than me. This one may be my age, maybe he was sexy, maybe he was athletic, and maybe he was smart, funny, loving. I thought about all these things as she slowly backed out of her driveway. I sat on the porch reading, “God Are You There, it’s Me Margaret,” by Judy Blume. During the summer I read at least two to three books to keep my mind busy, but today, I only thought about one thing.

An hour or two later, my neighbor pulled up in her dark green Saturn; my breathing became heavy, I had a crush on a guy that I didn’t even know, talk about falling for a guy quickly. He opened the door and I gradually lifted up my head and looked at him. He was all I imagined and more. He was one of the cutest guy’s I’ve ever seen, He looked at me and smiled, my heart began to melt. He had pearly white teeth that glowed, he was tall (for his age) brown skin and he looked to be athletic. I was hoping that she would introduce me; I became extremely nervous as she approached me. “I would like you to meet my grandson”, she said,

“Hi,” he said, I cheesed and blinked flirtatiously,

“Hey, Nice to meet you,” I said as I shook his hand.

As the summer continued, we became close friends, we would stay outside talking half the night, we would go to the park and gaze at the stars, he would even invite me into his house to play video games; I didn’t mind it, as long as I was with him.  He was becoming one of the best friends I ever had. The summer was quickly coming to an end and I didn’t get a chance to tell Mr. Anonymous how I felt.  I figured if I wrote him a letter telling him I loved him that he would feel the same way. Of course all the signs were there, why not try it. The love letter, I wrote was filled with so passion that he would have no choice but to date me. The last day we were together, I debated in my mind if I was going to give him the letter or not.  The day was going so well, maybe I shouldn’t give him the letter, I thought over and over, I never heard him mention a girlfriend so I knew that he didn’t have one, so I decided to give him the letter.

“Well we had fun this summer tomorrow is the day I go home, he said.”

“Yeah, I know I stated, I wish you can stay”.

“Yeah me too”, he said

I laid my head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arms around me. Something in me, KNEW he was going to kiss me, the look in his eyes looked as if he was going to. Instead he hugged me tight and looked in my eyes. Then I did something BEYOND stupid I gave him the letter and attempted to kiss him. He backed away as I went towards him and told me he had a girlfriend. I WILL NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE AGAIN!! LESSON LEARNED!!


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