College Rudemates

College Rudemates

“You may now turn your tassels to the left, Congratulations to you all.” YES!!!!! High school was finally over and I was on my way to college. Even though I knew I would miss all of my friends I was ready to start a new chapter in my life. My best friend and I were going to the same college and I was ready for us to enjoy another four years together, but I was really ready to meet my roommate. As a little girl I would always dream about being close to my college roommate, I was hoping she was fun and outgoing like I was. There was no way possible she could be a horrible person and even if she was, she would love me.
I was doing some last minute shopping when I received a phone call; of course I ignored it like anyone else would do when they didn’t recognize the area code. After I finally got home and settled down, I noticed that I had a voice mail. Indeed, the voice mail was from my college roommate, she sounded nice and she really wanted to meet me. After a while I decided to call her back and we connected as if we’d known each other our entire lives. She was definitely going to be my best friend and I had nothing to worry about (so I thought).
Two weeks later was move in day. My heart wouldn’t stop beating fast; I was super excited about everything. I ran into my best friend and his roommate, “Hey you guys, HEYYY they replied” his roommate was extremely polite and very tall and had a bigger head than most people, nonetheless he was a nice guy. It was great that we were in the same dorm, of course different floors but the same dorm was close enough. As I was going to check-in a short, plum brown skin girl with hair longer than Rapunzel approached me, “Hey, you look familiar, she said, I think you’re my roommate.” “Sharon? I questioned”? “Yes, that’s me; it’s finally good to meet you she said.” “Yes, the same to you, I replied”.
For the next month, Sharon and I learned a lot about each other, I knew everyone in her family and she knew everyone in mines. We were becoming close friends and then… IT HAPPENED. One night I was studying hard for an economics exam and Sharon brought a handsome fella back to the room, he wanted me to leave, but I didn’t feel like that was fair, but I quietly gathered my belongings and left. About 3:30am I felt deathly tired and thought that I had left the room for more than enough time, as I started to head back to my room I realized I left my keys in the room. Sharon was in the room so I guess it was okay, knock!! Knock!! Knock! SHARON I LEFT MY KEYS, I yelled. Sharon slightly opened the door, “Can you sleep somewhere else tonight, Sharon Asked.” “Sharon where am I supposed to go, I cried.” “Umm I don’t know.” She said as she slammed the door in my face. Furious by the situation I called the Resident Director, that night was definitely the end of my friendship with Sharon. LESSON LEARNED!! Do you have a roommate story or a lesson learned story?


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