Lately I’ve been paying close attention to the weather and everything that is going on in the world.
1. In 2014 love is just a four letter word, and love is becoming hopeless. If you’re in love, pray about it and GET MARRIED make that commitment, love is supposed to be a beautiful thing, we in 2014 complicate love but adding, “open relationships” ”Sex” and most importantly “Cheating”. Work through you’re issues (1 Corinthians 7:8-9) (Genesis 2:24) (Exodus 22:16)
2. In 2014 it’s okay to commit adultery? It’s never okay to fool around with someone who is married. (Leviticus 20:10).
3. In 2014 we feel like we need to seek revenge on people who do us wrong? God said, “Vengeance is mine.” PERIOD, POINT, BLANK (Romans 12:17-21).
4. In 2014 makeup and weave make a “girl” beautiful? Everyone is starting to look the same, If God wanted it this way he would have made us all the same, Be-U-tiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)
5. In 2014 social media and trends are more influential than Gods words. We know his word and we recite it daily, but do we listen? Do we really try to change for God? (Psalms 150:1-6). (Philippians. 4:13)
Young adults these are the signs that God will here before you know it. We sit back complaining about the weather but we need to take heed. (Luke 21:31). GET IT TOGETHER!!


Is it better to not have loved at all?

Just like any other relationship, we had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, he was the one I shared all my secrets with, the one that made me laugh more than others, the one who I knew I could depend on. We were the definition of love, so I thought. I was what you called, sprung, stupid in love heck or even drunk in love, you choose your pick.

“I’m cold” I would say on cold winter nights, he would laugh and move in towards me and wrap his arms around me, “better”, he would say. “Not quite” I replied. I leaned in towards him and passionately kissed him with all my heart, “now it’s better” I stated. For the rest of the evening we stayed wrapped into each other’s arms watching movies until he says, “Babe, what are your plans tomorrow.” “I have absolutely nothing planned.” I said.
“Okay, well I’m going to see one of my friends tomorrow who lives in Rockville, we haven’t hung out in a while, I thought we would hang out, just letting you know”, he stated. “Okay that’s fine with me.” I trusted him, so I didn’t care where he went because I knew he was mine forever. “Afterwards I thought I would take you to dinner, be ready by 8:00 on the dot.” He assisted. “Sounds great boo” I stated.

The next day, I didn’t hear from him for a while. I normally woke up to a good morning text, I thought nothing of it but it was almost 3pm. I called him but his phone went straight to voice mail. “Hmm that’s odd, I hope he’s okay.” I thought. Three more hours went by and I became extremely worried. To get my mind off of things I decided to watch some television if he didn’t call me by 8:00 I was going to call his mother. About 7:30 he called me to tell me he was on his way and he would explain everything when he got to my house.
When he finally arrived he brought me some flowers and gently kissed my lips. “Are you ready to go, I brought you some flowers and I have more gifts once we get to the restaurant.” He said. I was so happy and anxious that I forgot all about him not checking in all day, I was just glad he was okay. When we arrived at my favorite Italian restaurant, he opened the door for me and grabbed my hand, “Let’s go.”

When we got to the restaurant we met up with my other friends who were also a couple, “what a surprise” I thought. “Did you tell her yet?” my friends stated. “Tell me what” I replied. “Baby sit down please, umm last night after I left you I went to Rockville, I didn’t get back until 4pm today.” “Okay you spent the night” I stated. “And… I um, cheated on you.” He said. I closed my eyes as tears ran down my face, there was my trust. LESSON LEARNED!!!! Would you stay with him? OR NAH?

College Rudemates

College Rudemates

“You may now turn your tassels to the left, Congratulations to you all.” YES!!!!! High school was finally over and I was on my way to college. Even though I knew I would miss all of my friends I was ready to start a new chapter in my life. My best friend and I were going to the same college and I was ready for us to enjoy another four years together, but I was really ready to meet my roommate. As a little girl I would always dream about being close to my college roommate, I was hoping she was fun and outgoing like I was. There was no way possible she could be a horrible person and even if she was, she would love me.
I was doing some last minute shopping when I received a phone call; of course I ignored it like anyone else would do when they didn’t recognize the area code. After I finally got home and settled down, I noticed that I had a voice mail. Indeed, the voice mail was from my college roommate, she sounded nice and she really wanted to meet me. After a while I decided to call her back and we connected as if we’d known each other our entire lives. She was definitely going to be my best friend and I had nothing to worry about (so I thought).
Two weeks later was move in day. My heart wouldn’t stop beating fast; I was super excited about everything. I ran into my best friend and his roommate, “Hey you guys, HEYYY they replied” his roommate was extremely polite and very tall and had a bigger head than most people, nonetheless he was a nice guy. It was great that we were in the same dorm, of course different floors but the same dorm was close enough. As I was going to check-in a short, plum brown skin girl with hair longer than Rapunzel approached me, “Hey, you look familiar, she said, I think you’re my roommate.” “Sharon? I questioned”? “Yes, that’s me; it’s finally good to meet you she said.” “Yes, the same to you, I replied”.
For the next month, Sharon and I learned a lot about each other, I knew everyone in her family and she knew everyone in mines. We were becoming close friends and then… IT HAPPENED. One night I was studying hard for an economics exam and Sharon brought a handsome fella back to the room, he wanted me to leave, but I didn’t feel like that was fair, but I quietly gathered my belongings and left. About 3:30am I felt deathly tired and thought that I had left the room for more than enough time, as I started to head back to my room I realized I left my keys in the room. Sharon was in the room so I guess it was okay, knock!! Knock!! Knock! SHARON I LEFT MY KEYS, I yelled. Sharon slightly opened the door, “Can you sleep somewhere else tonight, Sharon Asked.” “Sharon where am I supposed to go, I cried.” “Umm I don’t know.” She said as she slammed the door in my face. Furious by the situation I called the Resident Director, that night was definitely the end of my friendship with Sharon. LESSON LEARNED!! Do you have a roommate story or a lesson learned story?



The sun brightly beamed down just like a regular Carolina day in July. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, my neighbor was leaving like she always did at this time, while I sat on the porch and waved to her.

“See you later, hope you have a good day” I said,

“I’ll be right back just picking up my grandson she anxiously replied.”

Grandson, I thought. Hmm I didn’t know she had two grandsons. The other one was one of my friends, he was cute but he was way younger than me. This one may be my age, maybe he was sexy, maybe he was athletic, and maybe he was smart, funny, loving. I thought about all these things as she slowly backed out of her driveway. I sat on the porch reading, “God Are You There, it’s Me Margaret,” by Judy Blume. During the summer I read at least two to three books to keep my mind busy, but today, I only thought about one thing.

An hour or two later, my neighbor pulled up in her dark green Saturn; my breathing became heavy, I had a crush on a guy that I didn’t even know, talk about falling for a guy quickly. He opened the door and I gradually lifted up my head and looked at him. He was all I imagined and more. He was one of the cutest guy’s I’ve ever seen, He looked at me and smiled, my heart began to melt. He had pearly white teeth that glowed, he was tall (for his age) brown skin and he looked to be athletic. I was hoping that she would introduce me; I became extremely nervous as she approached me. “I would like you to meet my grandson”, she said,

“Hi,” he said, I cheesed and blinked flirtatiously,

“Hey, Nice to meet you,” I said as I shook his hand.

As the summer continued, we became close friends, we would stay outside talking half the night, we would go to the park and gaze at the stars, he would even invite me into his house to play video games; I didn’t mind it, as long as I was with him.  He was becoming one of the best friends I ever had. The summer was quickly coming to an end and I didn’t get a chance to tell Mr. Anonymous how I felt.  I figured if I wrote him a letter telling him I loved him that he would feel the same way. Of course all the signs were there, why not try it. The love letter, I wrote was filled with so passion that he would have no choice but to date me. The last day we were together, I debated in my mind if I was going to give him the letter or not.  The day was going so well, maybe I shouldn’t give him the letter, I thought over and over, I never heard him mention a girlfriend so I knew that he didn’t have one, so I decided to give him the letter.

“Well we had fun this summer tomorrow is the day I go home, he said.”

“Yeah, I know I stated, I wish you can stay”.

“Yeah me too”, he said

I laid my head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arms around me. Something in me, KNEW he was going to kiss me, the look in his eyes looked as if he was going to. Instead he hugged me tight and looked in my eyes. Then I did something BEYOND stupid I gave him the letter and attempted to kiss him. He backed away as I went towards him and told me he had a girlfriend. I WILL NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE AGAIN!! LESSON LEARNED!!